Intel Health Care ('Improving Healthcare Intelligently'):

We at IntelHealthCare are driven by a mission to improve healthcare intelligently with one of the best Hospital Information Management Systems. We are top hospital mangement system provider in Pakistan. We are committed to delivering intuitive and easy to use health IT solutions private medical practices, hospitals and clinics.

IntelHealthCare also offers services that make healthcare better for everyone, including pharmacies, clinical labs, health systems and other member of the healthcare ecosystem. These partners utilise the IntelHealthCare platform to help coordinate care and develop innovative programs that help improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs and improve patient experience.

Uniquely designed as a secure centralised system, IntelHealthCare is an innovative and a smart hospital information management software solution. With module for every healthcare setting from primary care to hospitals, social care and other member of healthcare ecosystem, IntelHealthCare provides clinicians and health professionals with a single shared Electronic Health Record (EHR) available in real time at the point of care.